Desert Safari Experience

Add it up in the list of 10 best things to do while in Dubai, Evening Desert Safari is truly an awesome experience. Drifting on the golden sand dunes of Dubai in a 4X4 SUV Vehicle is always a delightful experience for the people visiting Dubai

Visitors get an excuse to enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of desert sun set, as the sky turns deep orange and the pinkish sunlight lines the golden sand, this trip can rightly be looked upon as the sunset desert safari.

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Focus on the customer satisfaction is the quality that sets Orion Vision Tourism apart from its competitors. Orion Vision is affianced to serve his customers with best possible care and giving them admirable satisfaction. We motivate people to travel because it helps to enrich their lives. Our aim to meet all tourism exigencies by using advanced technology to ensure fast and adequate services to our Guests.

These are some policies that Dubai Desert Safari UAE have

• You have to book the package before 24 hours and you have to pay in advance.

• If you want to cancel or change the package, you have to inform us before 12 hours. Otherwise, there may be charges that company will apply.

• For those with a serious disease like Heart problem, back problem, etc. or pregnant women are not allowed. Senior citizens also are not allowed for Desert Safari deals.

• If you have children less than 3 years, they can enjoy the trip free of cost.

• Credit cards, Digital Wallets and cash payments are accepted.

About Us

O Since 2005, Orion Vision Tourism has cherished his clients from all over the world to UAE, becoming one of the most reliable, efficient and trusted tourism Company in UAE. As compare to others Orion Vision Can prepare your dream trip to one, or several astounding destinations in a magnificent way. Our in-depth knowledge of UAE attractions will ensure our clients to enjoy the marvelous services and will clearly discriminate Orion Vision Tourism from its corrivals.
Evening Desert Safari

A Place to Enjoy a Thrilling and Unforgettable Desert Safaris

No trip or journey to Dubai is complete without Orion Vision Tourism. So, engage in this excellent experience as you take part in different kinds of thrilling activities. Having a desert safari make you explore the vastness of the Dubai desert and even visit the traditional desert camp on the amazing tour into the Dubai desert.

Orion Vision Tours offers the widest range of different kinds of most memorable and enjoyable desert safari tours, Dhow cruises, and UAE city tour packages for the visitors. Our main motive is to ensure travelers to avail the best Dubai travel experience and memories with our exciting tour packages.

Alongside, we have an efficient team of the experienced and well-trained professional tour guides who have hands-on knowledge and experience on a safari trip and help you throughout the trip. Through our thrilling tour packages along with desert safaris at reasonable rates, you can enjoy a lot.

To make your trip unforgettable, we offer a plethora range of tour packages to choose from based on your needs and demands. Some of our tour packages are morning & evening desert safari, VIP desert safari, Dubai city tour, Hatta dam tour, Musandam tour, Dhow cruises, Hummer desert safari, and much more. Besides, our Dubai tour packages also include several affordable desert safari packages, which will suit your budget.

For a Lifetime Experience, Choose the Best and Leave the Rest: Best  Desert Safari Dubai, UAE.

Every day our agents receive emails and phone calls from people who are very confused and searching for desert safari Dubai deals they are confused about what to choose and how to choose the Best Desert Safari Dubai. We would love to say that Orion Vision Tourism offers the best desert safari package for travelers and guests but on the other side the truth is; there is no such thing as a one size fits all solution to this question. Instead, ask us because we are here to Satisfy, Delight and Nourish Our Customers.

Entertainment includes a variety of leisure activities in Our Best desert safari Dubai Packages, including travel and leisure, social or cultural entertainment, pastimes, nature-based pursuits like hunting, camping and fishing, amusing situations or functions and health or fitness activities. Spots for your better amusement and creation on a map of the world can be easily decided with this group of amusements mentioned below that are accessible to the people buying an extremely solitary or group experience worldwide. With them, you won’t take plenty of time to discover a place for ecstatic participation in your lifestyle desire or hobby.

There are several places to visit in Dubai. Vacationers will have to think twice about how to proceed in this great city. However, one activity which is popular is the morning desert safari and evening desert safari in Dubai, amazingly. Everyone who visits Dubai must enjoy this activity; else their Dubai tour is incomplete.

Evening Desert Safari rides and tours, things to do in dubai, evening safari
summer desert safari

Even Better This Year 2018 – Best Prices Offered.

The deals of the year just got a bit sweeter with the emerging company desert safari rides offering reduced Desert safari Dubai price offers to start from as low as 30 AED with the special Evening Safari package offered by Orion Vision Tours and feasibility of the tour as per your convenience schedule by providing morning, evening and overnight stay at the desert exclusively only by Orion Vision Tourism. The price of Dubai desert safari packages offered by Orion Vision Toursism is inclusive of a number services like dune bash, camel rides, four wheeler bike rides, dinner, belly dance show, shisha, and skateboarding and a lot more depending on the choice of your package. Most of the services mentioned are a part of desert safari tours Dubai, but some require payments upfront.

In addition to all the fantastic services provided at reduced Desert safari Dubai price the most fun of all these services are that of the photo booth that has been exclusively set up for you so that you can take a closer look at the Arabic culture by putting on their traditional outfits and feel like being a part of an age-old culture. You can try the male long white dresses (jubbah) and female stylish yet covered long dresses (Abaya) to make the trip a bit more memorable for you. There are also Henna tattoo stations set up for ladies especially to get you some temporary henna tattoos by professional henna artists for free. The morning desert safari Dubai tours are the most popular services at excellent prices by Orion Vision Tourism.

Orion Vision Tours Aims

Orion Vision Tourism has only one aim and that is to fulfil your dream of the best Desert Safari tour in your whole life. Our Desert Safari Offers are included for the best locations which are inspirational as well as excited. We make sure that our guides will take you to visit those spots which are amazingly attractive and joyous. We offer Best Desert Safari Dubai deals which are cheap yet complete and we believe on the customer care. The whole journey is an excitement because our staff is trained to make you laugh and busy.

We believe in strong relationships and those can be built if you do not feel strange among our staff. This is the reason we are one of the top Dubai Desert Safari Companies in the world.

Why our tour service is so attractive?

We are an experienced company with the expertise of thrill seekers. Orion Vision Tourism feels pride while offering their best tourism service without any compromise. We offer absolutely best deals for clients who looking forward to best tourism deals without any issue. You will definitely enjoy our potential tour packages because we plan each and everything with the best standards. We serve the best quality without compromise on standards.

Orion Vision Tourism offers customized holiday packages that come with a wide range of sightseeing tours and experiences to suit your individual tastes and budget. Our Orion Vision Tours include getaways for couples, tailor-made holidays, Mountain Tours, self-drive journeys and custom holidays for short-durations as well.

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